Have You Suffered from an Anesthesia Error?

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When people consider the risks involved with surgery, they usually think of accidents and mistakes that can happen "under the knife." The truth is, however, is that anesthesia is an extremely sensitive procedure that requires skill and vigilance from anesthesiologists and nurses. When errors occur, patients can be put at life-threatening risk or be left with permanent effects.

If you or a loved one has been harmed due to an anesthesia error, then the Law Offices of Steven M. Burris is ready to hear from you. Their award-winning Las Vegas medical malpractice attorneys are well-versed in navigating these cases. They know how to work alongside medical professionals to gather evidence, craft a thorough claim that speaks to the victim's long-term needs, and ensure that every avenue towards rightful compensation is aggressively explored.

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How Anesthesia Errors Occur

Ideally, a lot of care goes into preparing a patient for surgery—including determining how they might react to anesthesia. Even when necessary preparations are made, a patient's condition needs to be closely monitored throughout surgery to ensure that avoidable complications are handled.

It is common for anesthesia to occur when:

  • Too much anesthesia is administered
  • Too little anesthesia is administered
  • Patient vitals are not carefully monitored
  • There's a failure to investigate patient's medical history before surgery
  • There's a failure to inform the patient of possible risks they must manage (like not eating or taken a certain medication before surgery)

The effects of an anesthesia error can greatly vary. Everything from tinnitus, heart arrhythmia, brain damage, paralysis, stroke, coma, and death are possible. No matter what the effects of your anesthesia error are, however, they deserve to be accounted for. The Las Vegas personal injury attorneys at the Law Offices of Steven M. Burris are ready to assess your case and immediately begin taking steps towards having this inexcusable action rectified.

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