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In Las Vegas, property owners are responsible to keep their property in safe condition. If they do not, and some one is harmed by tripping and falling, then the property owner if responsible.

"Fall" injuries are grouped into two major categories: "slip and fall," and "trip and fall." The "slip" injuries involve slipping on a wet substance. "Trip and fall" cases involve tripping on a defect or hazardous condition in or on ground, or, lack of lighting or handrails.

Common 'trip and fall' cases involve:

  • Tears in carpeting
  • Loose 'strips' or nosing on carpeting
  • Holes in sidewalks or pavement
  • Lack of compliance with safety or ADA standards regarding staircase construction
  • Burnt out light bulbs in public areas (causing darkness in walkway areas)
  • Heaving slabs of concrete
  • Extension cords for electric equipment such as floor buffers
  • Carpet cleaners
  • Left out in walkway areas
  • Protruding objects in walkway areas (e.g. display pallets)
  • Lack of handrails

It is often our most vulnerable members of society who are the most at risk for serious trip and fall injury, i.e. elderly persons, and small children. Although typically in such cases the defense is that "you should be watching your feet when you walk," in fact, no one does this in real life (as it is more important, safety wise, to be looking at things that may be coming toward you, and it is expected that public walkways will be safe for walking); and, in fact, Nevada law has a special state-sanctioned jury instruction that says you are not legally required to stare at your feet when you walk.

Trip and fall cases usually involve some level of litigation. The insurance carriers know that attorneys who never go to court to try trip and fall cases, and make settlement offers accordingly. If you have a trip and fall case in Las Vegas, you need a law firm with a reputation for trying these cases when necessary.

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Case Results

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  • $2 Million Sexual assault on cocktail waitress by a professional athlete.
  • $1 Million Slip and fall.
  • $982 Thousand Medical malpractice.
  • $700 Thousand Amusement park device causes severe shoulder injuries.
  • $650 Thousand Cab hits motorcyclist.
  • $600 Thousand Construction site neck injuries.
  • $500 Thousand Freeway side swipe.
  • $500 Thousand Slip and fall at apartment complex.
  • $456 Thousand Bad faith claim against the insurer.
  • $451 Thousand Car accident.
  • $418 Thousand Trip and fall at hotel.
  • $368 Thousand Motorcyclist hit on freeway on ramp.
  • $362 Thousand Car accident.
  • $350 Thousand Wrongful death of child.
  • $341 Thousand Dog bite.
  • $325 Thousand Pedestrian hit by distracted driver.
  • $325 Thousand Insurance bad faith.
  • $300 Thousand Shoulder injury.
  • $300 Thousand Injury at store