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"Premises liability" is a general term for a personal injury in which the victim was harmed while on property (or premises) owned by another person or entity. Typically these are slip and fall claims that occur in stores, restaurants, hotels, and other commercial locations, but the truth is that nearly any injury can be considered premises liability as long as the property owner failed to provide a reasonably safe environment to invited visitors.

If you believe you were hurt due to the negligence of a property owner, the Law Offices of Steven M. Burris is ready to hear from you. Our Las Vegas personal injury lawyers bring more than three decades of legal experience and advocacy to injured victims. Every one of their clients can rest assured that they will receive personalized, attentive counsel and never be treated like just another case number.

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"Duty of Care" & Premises Liability

Bringing a successful premises liability suit to court depends on a critical concept called duty of care. Duty of care, in the most basic terms, is the responsibility property owners have to provide a safe environment for visitors that are welcome on the premises.

To recover compensation, premises liability claims must prove:

  • That the property owner/manager owed the plaintiff duty of care
  • That the dangerous conditions were due to a lack of duty of care
  • That the dangerous conditions led directly to the injury

If these three things can be clearly demonstrated in court, then recovering compensation is possible. The burden of proving these factors, however, falls on the plaintiff. At the Law Offices of Steven M. Burris, our Las Vegas personal injury attorneys are prepared to help clients gather the appropriate evidence to support their claim, structure a suit that speaks to their financial needs, and aggressively fight to hold the negligent parties responsible.

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