Injured in a Las Vegas Hit & Run Accident?

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Though it's illegal for drivers to flee the scene of a car crash, hit-and-run accidents are becoming increasingly commonplace across the country-especially in major cities like Las Vegas with a high concentration of cars and people. Hit-and-run accidents represent a threat to drivers and pedestrians alike with recent studies suggesting that 60% of individuals killed in hit-and-run collisions are pedestrians.

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How & Why Hit & Run Accidents Occur

Highly populated metro areas like Las Vegas are uniquely vulnerable to hit-and-run accidents for a variety of reasons. Though it might seem that more people would yield more witnesses, the bystander effect actually makes it less likely for someone to intervene on behalf of the victim. They assume someone else will, making it easier for the perpetrator to escape notice.

Drivers may flee the scene of an automobile accident for a variety of reasons, but most often it is because:

  • They are intoxicated or fear they might be.
  • They are driving without a license.
  • They are a young and inexperienced driver.

Las Vegas roads are full of drivers that are young, inexperienced, or intoxicated, resulting in a large amount of hit-and-run accidents. Las Vegas car accident lawyer Steven M. Burris has been helping accident victims recover compensation for more than 30 years. If you're in need of a personal injury lawyer, there is simply no need to look any further.

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