Whistleblower Protection & The False Claims Act

Las Vegas Whistleblower Attorneys

Whistleblowers are typically individuals who have special, detailed and ultimately useful information about fraudulent bills or invoices sent to the government for payment. If a company defrauds the government, and a whistleblower comes forward about the fraud (typically, some sort of false billing), the whistleblower may be entitled to compensation if and when the ill-gotten gain is recovered for the government.

Our firm has hired one of the only few experts on false claims cases in Las Vegas – Mr. Sam Benham. Mr. Benham worked for many years for a firm that represented alleged “white collar criminal” perpetrators being sued under the False Claims Act. Mr. Benham looks forward to prosecuting these cases on ‘the other side of the fence’; that is, suing the wrongdoers instead of defending them

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Different Types of Whistleblower Cases

The cases which would typically interest us involve some entity intentionally submitted false or fraudulent billings to a federal, state, or city agency. Examples of these types of cases include the following:

  • submitting bills to Medicare or Medicaid for services not actually provided
  • renovating government housing projects or resurfacing roads, submitting charges for labor or materials not actually provided
  • billing for ‘nurse’ services actually provided by non-nurses
  • using unlicensed persons to provide services required to be done by licensed personnel
  • using illegal labor when ‘legal’ labor is required under the contract
  • using substandard materials in violation of standard materials required under the contract

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Very generally stated, the government is given ‘first crack’ at suing the perpetrators to recover the ill-gotten gain. However, if the government is too busy or shorthanded to pursue the case with its own attorneys, then an individual can institute a ‘false claims’ act case against the perpetrators on behalf of the governmental agencies defrauded and is entitled to a ‘reward’ percentage of the ill-gotten gains recovered.

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